Pony and Bear is a manifestation of a head full of creative confetti.

I'm motivated by opportunities for abandon and creative innovation. Tired of the square, straight roads, I'm looking to live dangerously.



As a professional nerd who doesn’t take myself too seriously, I thrive on the collective energy of community.

Natalie Macken has hibernated in both the BA Communications/AWARD School cave and the Master of Psychotherapy cave. She has emerged an adaptable creative generalist. Having fur-thered her imagination over 17 years of pawing diverse creative spaces, she’s passionate and hunting to create in the wild. Writer. Designer. Singer. Psychotherapist. Subscriber to curiosity, participation, peregrination, storytelling, imagination, innovation, humour and community.


Left brain | creative enabler | idealist.

Fun facts about Nat:

  • Huge A Cappella geek
  • Directionally challenged
  • Travelled through 45+ countries
  • Makes up statistics 67% of the time

When not at work, you can find me singing. Everywhere.