Music is abandon. We bring you the whole tuneful shebang from original composition, concept development to arrangement. 

It may feel like music is a luxury, but extending the budget to enhance your project’s soundscape is a priority. In the 2D space, we’ve only got three senses and depriving your audience of one of them is like offering them a unicycle with no seat.

We can tune up your project with sound library selections, write and produce jingles, original songs, arrange for anything from choral to big band and consult around your tuneful options. We can create sound environments for stage productions or compose for company videos.

We spent years playing scales on the piano, singing in choirs, moving through the musical rites of passage; soul searching, motown visiting, rock wannabees, indie tragic, folk earnest, electronican’t. All we know is that in the end, it’s what moves you that stays with you.

We all remember the music that got us through heartache, witnessed our milestones, soundtracked our falls and brought out our aspirations.

Music is bliss, one of the universal pleasures. It is powerful and allows connection beyond comprehension. When we’re feeling whimsical, we’d say it’s magic. When we’re feeling right-brained, we’d say it’s about communication; belonging, expression and shared experience.