We write because we’re curious. We’re curious because we’re tiny and harnessing the big is a delicious way to spend time. 

We’re motivated storytellers. We’ll pen anything from reasons for lateness to your brand or product persona on paper. We’ve got our toe dipped in both the fiction and non-fiction pots. We are the pen women for you if you subscribe to more than meat-and-three-veg communication; if you like to order off-menu, even if it scares you.

We specialise in short and long-form copy and article writing. We’re not genre-specific. We’re especially excited by travel, profiles, humour, commentary, design, art/craft, music, community, psychology, philosophy, food, spirituality, nature and health/wellbeing. Whatever written form you can think of - we can scribe it or invent it.

We understand that words are your first impression and no one likes a wet fish handshake. With over 15 years' experience across the gamut of communication platforms, we take your written words to places where they snag and spur. With a BA in Communications, and a Masters in Psychotherapy, it’s a weird enough combination to understand words from both the writing and the digesting process.

We talk to people with an authentic, intelligent, audience-relevant perspective and believe words should  engage. Telling people what they want to hear is easy – speaking to them like old friends in their world is what leads to mutual opportunity.

Let us right your writes and incite an alphabet revolution around your brand. Contact us today to chat about your project.

Lastly - did you know it’s impossible to lick your own elbow. You just tried it didn’t you?